Rock & Gem Show Jan 2nd-11th, 2015

  • Gems
  • Rocks
  • Minerals
  • Silver and Goldsmitthing
  • Precious Metals
  • Lapidary Tools, Equipment and Supplies
Location and Details:
Tyson Wells Shows Grounds               Show Hours 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. Each Day
100 W. Kuehn St
Quartzsite, Arizona 85346

  1. Home of the largest show of its kind. Takes days to see it all.
  2. A Buyer’s and Sellers market of the world.
  3. Smooth, fine graveled. Dust controlled, packed surface for selling, parking, and camping in the beautiful desert setting of Arizona’s La Posa Valley.
  4. Live on your show spaces or in our on-premises no-hookup campground with water and dump station.
  5. Honey Wagon.
  6. Easy access in and out of show.
  7. 396 selling spaces.
To be a show dealer, fill out an application here.
For a current Rock & Gem Show flyer click here.
Booth Number Vendor Products
A 01-02
Bob Fleischfresser
Baker Ranch Geodes, Deming N.M. Collector Specimens, Lace Agate
A 03 Michael R. Vier Custom RV & Books
B & C 01-09 AZ Gems/Spiritstone Gems, Gifts, Art
D & E 01 Imperial MFG. Pewter Figurines
D & E 02-13 Western Woods Brazilian Agate, Bookends, Thin Slabs
D & E 14-19 Moroccan Imports Minerals & Fossils
D & E 20-33 Driftstone Pueblo Stone Beads, Silver Beads, Craft Supplies, Bone & Glass Beads
F & G 01-19 Village Originals Amethyst, Polished Quartz, Agate, Misc.,Jew.,Stone Gift Items
F 20-22 Malachite & Gems of Africa Malachite Carvings & Minerals
F  26-28 Seth Maranuk Designs Hand Crafted Jewelry, Fern Fossils, Minerals Specimens
G 20-21 Madagascar Imports / SEAM Inc. Fossils & Minerals From Madagascar
G 25 Liz Patton Design Handmade Whimsical Wire Jewelry…
H & I 01-02 Dave’s Beads Wholesale Turq., Coral, Heishi, Gemstones
H & I 03-06 Usman Imports Onyx From Pakistan
Booth Number Vendor Products
H & I 07-09 Benefit Imports & Exports Beads and Gift Wholesale
H 18 The Pacifik Image Gemstones, Lampwork
H 20-22 Sidoti, Patrick & Marlene Used Antique Auto Parts, Camera Equip. & Misc.
H & I 24 Bustin Glass and Minerals Natural Stones & Other Jewelry, Rough Rock, Minerals, & Glass Art
H & I 25 Sharp Solutions, Inc. Beef Jerky
H & I 26 Steven Grudzien Rocks, Jewelry, Antiques
H & I 27-33 Purple Moon World Market Unique Jewelry, Art, Statues, Furniture, Antiques / Wholesale, Custom Orders, Consignment & Auctions
I 10 Smooth Gator Topical Pain relief & Skin Care Products
I 12-14 Shimmer & Shine Beads, Silver Jewelry
I 15-16 Abdalla Imports Crystal Prisms, Oils, Oil Burners, Egyption Perfume Bottles, Knives, Scarves, Necklaces
I 17-19 J.K. Stone Co. Minerals,  Marble Carvings & Vases, Fossils
I 20 Opal Art Australia Rainbow Matrix Slabs, Opal Triplets, Opal Specimens
J & K 01-04 Larry Ory Dremel Bits, Carpet, Pipe-stone, Tools
J 05-07 Walco Ladies Card Sets, Dog Prints, Kids Jackets & T’s
J 08 Shades of Gray Art Cards, Art. Ornaments & Wood Wall Hangings
J 10 The Last Berber Fossils, Polished Stones, Wire Wrapping
J 12-14 Second Wind Novelties, Flags, Windsox, Poles
J 15 Southwest Wood Specialties Handmade Wood Spice Racks, Bookcases, Shelves, Trunks, etc.
J 16-17 White Wolf Trading Jewelry, Gemstones
Booth Number Vendor Products
J 18-19 Love Harmony Inc Turquoise Cut Stone, Assortment of Other Crystals, Minerals, Rough
J 20-21 Aragon Ent., Inc. Colombian Amber, Argentinian Rhodo & Argentinian Onyx, Meteorites
J 22 Wireworks – Stoneworks Unique Wire Jewelry, Turquoise Cabochons, Gemstones, etc..
J 24-25 Young’s Arts & Crafts Jewelry & Cement Garden Art
J & K 27-28 Dynamic Dist. T-Shirts, Hoods, Garden Flags, Pet Tags, & Pet Items
J 30-31 My Supply Jade Jade Carvings, Jewelry
J 33 Definition of Beauty Massagers
K 05-06 Naturals From The Earth Beads, Bolas, Cabs, Carvings, Earrings, Pendants and More
K 07-08 Freddie & Pauline Lucero Indian Jewelry
K 07-10 Whittakers Jewelry, Gifts, Rocks, Wire Wrapping
K 11 K&J Custom Jewelry Spoon Jewelry
K 13 Davidson, Brendan Jewelry, Lapidary, Gems, Rocks
K 14 Stone Circles Lapidary Designer Cabochons, Jewelry, Slabs, & Rough
K 16-19 Walblom, David Display Cases-Trays-Stands, Bead-Wire, Lapidary Tools
K 20-22 International Leather Co. Leather Goods, Panchos, Imports, Blankets, Jewelry
K 23-25 Sona, Inc. Beads, Rocks, Jewelry
K 26 Challen Packable Hats
K 30-32 Beds, Beds, Beds! High End Luxury R.V. Mattresses – “We’ll Come To You”
K 33 Natural Touch Therapy Products Hand-Made Acupnessure & Menidian Line Therapy Products
L & M 01-02 EEZ RV Products RV Mats, Chairs, LED Lights, Solar Panels, HD Antennas, TPIMS
Booth Number Vendor Products
L 05-06 Barbara Pino All Handcrafted Items
L 07 KNL Traditions Pewter Scenes On Varied Stone Media, Hand Crafted Sewing Items, Potato Bags, Lap Quilts
L & M 10 P.S. Products L.L.C. Crystal Glass Nail Files, Women’s Products, Sticky Rollers
L 11 The Fifth Element Himalayan Salt Lamps & Other Products From Himalayas
L 12-13 Gold Fire Ltd. Gold Wirewrap Jewelry
L 14 & 15 McCutcheons Products Magnetic Therapy Products
L & M 16 Rocky Mountain Heritage 3-D Pictures
L & M 26-29 D&E Wholesale/Retail RV Gloves, Tools, Tarps, LED Lights, Household General Merchandise, Misc
L  30-31 Treasure State Honey Honey & Handmade Knives
L 32-33 Buck & Sally’s Carving Wood, Hiking Sticks, Carving Tools
M 03 Whearty, Carol Wire Wrapped Jewelry-Wire & Cabs
M 04-06 Squires, Shirlette Crafts & Water Fountains, Metal Art
M 08 East-West Fashions Ladies Garments, Hawaiian Shirts, Crystal Pins, Broaches, Necklaces
M 09 Crystal Rose Hobby Solar Lawn & Garden Decor
M 11-13 Cape Cod Sunglasses Sunglasses, Clipons, Accessories
M 14 Valarie Cordova Wax Gel Products, Crafts, Household Items
M 17 Zoro Knives / Gems Jewelry, Gemstones, Collectible American Eagle Coins, Vintage Collectable Pocket Knives
M 31-33 R. Sales Old Guys Rule T-Shirts, Incense, Jewelry
Booth Number Vendor Products
N & O 01-03 Country Fair Cinnamon Rolls Fresh Baked on the Spot Cinnamon Rolls, Drinks
N 04-07 Country Quilts Handmade Quilts
N 08-10 Levine, Barbara Jewelry
N 14-16 Nan’s Uniques Hand Stamp Name Rings, Jewelry, Upcycle Crafts, Privatives
N 17-19 Big Red Bus English Banger Sausage, Italian Sandwich, Polish Sausage (Onion, Peppers, & Kraut, Chili), Meatball Sandwich, Hot Pastrami Sandwich, Nachos, Chili Dogs, Hot Dogs, & Corn Dogs, Biscuits & Gravy, Muffins, Hawaiian Shaved Ice, Fruit Smoothies.
N 20-22 Bayless Concessions Polish Sausage On Homemade Deep-Fried Bun, Sauerkraut & Cheeses Sauce. All these are on Homemade Buns, Shaved Beef in BBQ Sauce, Chicken Breast, Baked Ham with Cheddar Cheese Sauce, Hot Dogs, Fresh Made Potato Chips, Drinks
N 23-25 John Palm CD’s,  T-Shirts, Short-sleeve T-Shirts, Purses, DVD’s
N 26-28 Perfect Products Remote Controlled Aircraft, Chairs, Ball Caps
N & O 29-33 Bargain Smart Gloves, Hobby Tools, Scissors, Close Outs & General Merch.
O 04 Bakai Saho African Art
O 05 Art Glass Vitro Ceramico De Mexico Stained Glass, Sun Catchers, Ceramics, Picture Frames. Metal Figures
O 06 Afghan GemJewelry Gem Jewelry – Silver Stone
O 08-10 Global Products & Urimusic Pottery Handthrown Pottery, Hand made Baskets, Afgan Rugs, Beads & Gems
O 11-14 JJ Magnetic Jewelry & Beads Magnetic Jewelry and Beads
O 16 Kala Imports Singing Bowls, Jewelry, Incense, Clothing, Purses
O 20-22 Carvers Kettle Corn, Flavored Popcorn
O 23 Out Of Asia Pearls, Precious Gems, Jewelry, Stone, Bone, & Things
O 24 Mardock, Edward Wire Wrapped Jewelry
O 25 The Vapor Island Electronic Hookah Pens & E-Cigs
O 26-27 Wandering Hills Studios, LLC Handblown Glass & Photography, Books & Fossils
P 01 Sahara Treasures Beads, Opals, Curved Goat Skin, Pendants
Booth Number Vendor Products
P 02-03 Gable Enterprises Avon Products, Stylus, Lanyards, Trackcars, Apple Corers
P & Q 06 Jenter Designs – Jewelry Jewelry
P&Q 07 Easy Street Jewelry Fine Jewelry, Firearms, DVD’s
P 08-09 LaClaire Ent. Sunglasses, Hammerstahl Cutlery
P  10-11 Valentine’s Fashion Red Hats, Jazzy Ladies Dress Shirts, Button Covers
P 12-13 Rose Creations Woodworking, Aprons, Ladies Shirts, Misc.
P 14-15 Blue Earth Traders Himalayan Salt Crystals, Minerals, Fossils
P & Q 16 Massaging Insoles Liquid Filled Massaging Insoles & Telescoping Flag Poles
P 18-19 Bali Exports / Treasures 4 Rocks, Fossils, Carvings, Jewelry, Antiques, Dream Catchers
P 20-22 Brody’s Gold & Rhodium Chains, Sterling Rings, Golf Ball Markers
P 23 High Spirit Flutes High Spirit Flutes
P 24-25 Secret Source 1 of a Kind Jackets Sizes Sm-5X Sale Clothing, Misc.
P & Q 26 Joy of Glass & Gifts Crystaks Hair Jewelry, Stained Glass, Air Plants, Furrys
P 26-28 Zrape Joe Arts & Crafts
P&Q 33 Paulmariz Rugs Unique Handmade Jewelry, Area Rugs, Pearls, Magnetics, Gift Items, Crystals, Meteorites, etc.
Q 01 Blaash Binoculars Binoculars
Booth Number Vendor Products
R & S 01-04 K & K Kitchen Supply Kitchen Supplies
T & U 01 Tribal Treasures Indian Jewelry, Black Hills Gold
T & U 02-04 Bargain Smart Gloves, Tools, Scissors, Closeouts, Gen. Merchandise
X 01 Mythix Cactus- Closeouts- Hats- Tools
Y 01 Norms Keys Keys Sold & Duplicated
Z 01-06 Sona Inc. Beads, Rocks, Jewelry
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