Sell-A-Rama (Jan 16th-25th 2015)

10-Day Show         Show Hours 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. Each Day
A 25-Acre Outdoor Spectacular
Take a look at our Rock, Gem and Mineral Show Jan. 2 – 11, 2015, and our Arts and Crafts Show Jan. 30 – Feb. 8, 2015.
For flyer and application please click here.
An unbelievable variety displayed on 2.2 miles of aisle frontage:

  • Gems
  • Rocks
  • Minerals
  • Arts
  • Crafts

  • Hobbies
  • Jewelry
  • Silver and Goldsmithing
  • Faceting
  • Precious Metals

  • Antiques
  • Coins
  • Lapidary Tools
  • Lapidary Equipment and Supplies
  • Foods to Amaze You

Location and Details:
Tyson Wells Show Grounds
100 W. Kuehn St.
Quartzsite, Arizona 85346
  1. Home of the largest show of its kind. Takes days to see it all.
  2. A Buyer’s and Sellers market of the world.
  3. Smooth, fine graveled. Dust controlled, packed surface for selling, parking, and camping in the beautiful desert setting of Arizona’s La Posa Valley.
  4. Live on your show spaces.
  5. Honey Wagon.
  6. Easy access in and out of show.
  7. 860 selling spaces on 25 acres.
To be a show dealer, fill out an application here.

Booth Number Vendor Products
A 04
Arizona Slabs & Cabs
Rough Rock, Slabs, & Cabs
B 16-19 Jag Signs Signs, Banners, Full Color Graphics, Magnetics, Window & Vehicle Lettering
B & C 20-33 Driftstone Pueblo Stone beads, Silver Beads, Craft Supplies, Bone & Glass Beads
D & E 14-19 Moroccan Imports, Inc. Minerals & Fossils
D & E 30-33 Purple Moon World Market Furniture & Antiques
F & G 01-19 Village Originals Amethyst, Polished Quartz, Agate, Misc. Jewelry, Stone Gift Items
F 20-22 Malachite-Gems of Africa Malachite Carvings & Minerals
F 1 Crystal Butte Wood Carving& Rocks
F&G 1-4 Inside Hwy 50-95 Rock Shop Lapidary Equipment, Tools, Supplies, Rough Rock, Turq., Books, Fossils, Minerals, and Beads
G 1-2 Sona Inc Beads, Rock, Jewelry
H & I 01-02 Dave’s Beads Wholesale Turquoise, Coral, Heishi, Gemstone
H & I 03-06 Usman Imports Onyx From Pakistan
H 07-08 Rainbow Gem Inc. Gemstone Beads, Spheres, Carvings, Masage Points, Designer Cabs.
H & I 14 Clyde Mason Liquid Filled Massaging Insoles & Telescoping Flagpoles
H 20-21 Arrowmaker Productions Traditional Arrow Making
I 06 Action Sales
I 07-09 Pet Parlor & Garden Solar Lights Largest Supply Of All Your Pet Needs, At Discount Prices, Garden Solar Lights & Misc.
I 10 Smooth Gator Topical Pain Relief & Skin Care Products
I 12 In and Out of Asia Pearls, Precious Gem Jewelry, Stone Bone and Things
Booth Number Vendor Products
I 13 Edward Mardock Wire Wrapped Jewelry
I 17-19 Barbara Levine Jewelry
I 20 Opal Art Australia Rainbow Matrix Slabs, Opal Triplets, Opal Specimens
I 32-33 Treasure 4 Bali Exports Bali Jewelry, Minerals, Fossils
J & K 01-04 Ory, Larry Dremel Bits, Drill Bits, Pipe-stone, Carpet, and Tools
J 05-07 Walco Ladies Cardigan Set, Dog Prints, Kid’s Jackets & T’s
J 08 Zarape Joe Arts & Crafts
J 10-11 Steel Brand Works Weather Vanes, Metal Art Decor
J 12 Stellas Crafts Quillows, Pillow Pockets, Plastic Bag Holders, Small Pillows, Jewelry, Curling Iron Holders
J 13-14 Cactus Flower Hats Hats
J 15-16 Kala Imports Singing Bowl, Jewelry, Clothing, Bags, Incense & Oil
J 17 Evergreen Gems Jewelry & Gems
J 18 Gary Pollack Minerals, Rocks, Gems & Jewelry
J 19 Love Harmony Inc Turquoise, Cut Stone Assortment of other Crystals, Minerals-Rough
J 20-21 Aragon Ent., Inc. Columbian Amber, Argentinian Onyx, Meteorites
J 23 High Spirit Flutes High Spirit Flutes
J 24 Artesians Blankets, Rugs, Belts, Bags, Jewelry
J 28 Haodi Company Dresses, Purses, Hats, Sign Printing
J & K 30-33 D & E Wholesale/ Retail RV Gloves, Tools, Tarps LED Lights, Household General Merchandise, Misc
K 05-06 Naturals from the Earth Lapidary Crafts
K 07-08 Lucero Navajo Trail Indian Jewelry
Booth Number Vendor Products
K 09-10 Whittakers Jewelry, Gifts, Rocks, Wire Wrapping
K 13-15 Ledezma, Faviola Jewelry, Mexican Imports, Italian Charms, Blankets, Hats
K 16-19 Walblom, David Display Cases-Trays-Stands, Bead-Wire, Lapidary Tools
K 20-23 Internation Leather Co. Leather Goods, Ponchos, Imports, Blankets & Jewelry
K 24-25 Rocky Mountain Nut Roasters Cinnamon Almonds and Pecans
K 26 Challen Packable Hats
K 27 K & J Custom Jewelry Spoon Jewelry
K 28 C & M Creations Finished & Unfinished Pine Shelving, Dammit Dolls, Bad Call Bricks
L 01-04 EZZ RV Products RV Mats, Chairs, LED Lights, Solar Panels, HD Antennas, TPIMS
L 05-06 UTOPIA Tools Glue, MX Bond, X Tape
L & M 07 Gerry Fowler BBQ Tools, Dips
L 08-09 Benjamin & Barbara Pino T-Shirts, Sweaters, Towels, Crochet & Clothing
L & M 10-11 P.S. Gifts Crystal Glass Nail Files, Women’s Products
L 12-13 Gold Fire Ltd Gold Wirewrap Jewelry
L 14-15 McCutcheons Products Magnetic Therapy & Nutrition Products
L & M 16 Rocky Mountain Heritage New Frontier Campfires, Zip It Purses, Onya Bags
L 24-26 Bushrod’s Western BBQ Tri Tip, Beef Brisket, Pulled Pork, and BBQ Chicken Sandwich, Western Sausage, Slaw Dog, BBQ Pork Ribs, Chicken Tenders, Fries, Baked Beans, Coleslaw, Smoked Turkey Legs, and Drinks
L&M 28-30 Howling Helmets Handmade Dombsus Knives, Stainless Steel Jewelry, Tactical Flashlights, Motorcycle Accessories, Jewelry, Knives
L 31 Cooke Enterprises Bird Feeders, Loop Rope, Baby Quilts & Bibs, Jewelry
Booth Number Vendor Products
L 32-33 Buck & Sally’s Carving Wood, Hiking Sticks, Carving Tools
M 03 Whearty, Carol Wire Wrapped Jewelry, Wire & Cabs
M 04-06 Shirlette Squires Crafts , Water-fountains, Metal Art
M 08 East West Fashions Ladies Garments, Hawaiian Shirts, Crystal Pins, Broaches, Necklaces
M 09 Crystal Rose Hobby Solar Lawn & Garden Decor
M 11-13 Cape Cod Sunglasses Sunglasses, Clip-on, Accessories
M 14 LipSense by JoAnn New Liquid Lip Color & Long Lasting Cosmetics
M 17-19 Noel’s Food Concession Authentic Mexican Food, A Full line of Entrees or Complete Dinners, Drinks
M 24-25 R & S Concessions Fish & Chips, Calamari, Breaded Zucchini, Onions, Mushrooms, Onion Blossoms, and Drinks
M 31-33 R Sales Old Guys Rule T-Shirts, Incense, Jewelry
N & O 01-03 Country Fair Cinnamon Rolls Fresh Baked on the Spot Cinnamon Rolls, Drinks
N 04-07 Crabtree Ent. Handmade Quilts
N 08-10 Roadrunners Tag Art, Antiques, Microwave Pouches
N 11 Back Door Gifts Bionic Bands
N 12-13 Don Porter Books By Author- Mysteries, Alaska & Hawaii
N 14-16 Sam Mattie Novelties, Flags & Poles, Winsox & Poles
N 17-19 Bayless Concessions Hand-Dipped Ice Cream, Shakes Sundaes, Whips, Orange Juleps, Soft Drinks, Lemon Shakeups, and Funnel Cakes
N 20-22 Pat’s Seafood & Thai Cuisine Complete Menu of Thai Cuisine & Seafood, Fresh Sweet Lemonade, and Drinks
N 23-24 Palm, John CD’s, Kid’s T-shirts, Purses, DVD’s
N 26-29 One of a Kind Wire Wrapping
N&O 30-33 Bargain Smart Gloves, Hobby Tools, Scissors, Close Out General Merchandise
O 04 Dramani” Trawally African Art
O 05 Arts Class Vitro Ceramica De Mexico Stained Glass Sun Catchers, Ceramic Picture Frames, & Metal Figures
O 06 Action Sales Worley Wonder Jewelry Cleaner, Handheld Battery Operated Massagers
O 08-10 Global Products & Urimusic Pottery Handthrown Pottery, Handmade Baskets, Afghan Rugs, Beads and Gems
O 12-15 JJ Magnetic Jewelry Magnetic Jewelry and Beads
Booth Number Vendor Products
O 16 Richard Castillo Cellphone Accessories
O 17-18 Paulmariz Unique Handmade Jewelry, Area Rugs, Pearls, Magnetics, Gift Items, Crystals, Metendotes
O 20-21 Stained Glass By Rick Stained Glass- R.V. Window Inserts
O 22-24 Carver’s Flavored Popcorn (Not Kettlecorn)
O 25 Canopy Corner Water Beads
O 26-27 Wandering Hills Studios, LLC Blown Glass, Photography, Books & Fossils
P & Q 01-06 Shade Pro. R.V. Awnings & Accessories
P 07-09 Solitude Miles Games, Novelties, Toys, Pewter, Kitchen Items, T-Shirts
P & Q 10 Babs Webster Emu Oil Products, Ladies Accessories
P 12-13 Rose Creations Woodworking, Aprons, Ladies Shirts, Misc.
P 14-15 Valentine Fashions Ladies Dress Shirts, Button Covers, Sleeve Clips
P&Q 16 Easy Street Jewelers Fine Jewelry, Firearms, DVDS
P 17-19 George Maile Indian Fry Bread, Navajo Tacos, Burro, Drinks
P 20-22 Brody’s Gold & Rhodium Chains, Sterling Silver Rings , Golf ball Markers
P 23 Elephant House Asian Handicrafted Jewelry – Scarfs, Belts, Crafts
P 24-25 Secret Source One-Of-A-Kind Jackets Size Sm.-5X, Earrings, Purses, Misc.
P & Q 26 Joy of Glass & Gifts Crystal Hair Jewelry, Stained Glass, Air Plants, Furrys
P 27-28 Zarape Joe Arts & Crafts
P 29-30 Roots Nuts & Sweets Nuts, Dried Fruits, Candies, Other Food Items CA Grown
P & Q 31 Cape Silver Jewelry Sterling Silver Jewelry, Stone & Bracelets From All Around The World
Booth Number Vendor Products
P 33 H Laws L.L.C. Antiques, Jewelry, Silver & Gold
Q 08-09 Blackhorse Indian Arts Jewelry
Q 17-19 Bayless Concessions polish Sausage on Homemade Deep Fried Bun, Sauerkraut & Cheese Sauce, All these are on Homemade Buns, Shaved Beef in BBQ Sauce, Chicken Breast, Baked Ham and Cheddar Cheese Sauce, Hot Dogs, Fresh Made Potato Chips, and Drinks
Q 20 Mike and Nancy Ellis Wood Signs & Wood Items (Old Wood)
Q 21 Amazing Sheets 1600 Thread Count Sheets
Q 24-25 Belt’s Etc. Leather Belts, Hats, Suspenders
Q 24-25 Friends of the Southwest Handcrafted Clothing & Jewelry
R & S 01-04 K&K Kitchen Supply Kitchen Supplies
R 07-08 Natural Beauty Handmade Jewelry
R 09-11 Dynasty Products Tin Toys,Woodies, Surf Vans, Fire Trucks, Motorcycles, Full CastIron Line, Resin Figures, Jewelry, Despla Piece
R 13 Nomad Novelties Fork.Spoon Art, Wine Bottle Holders, Finger Lights, Can Coolies, Wine Stacks
R 14-15 Sani Mahaman Cellphone Accessories & Clip On Sunglasses
R 17-19 AM-2-DA-BER Concessions Walla Walla Burgers, Onion Rings, Fried Zucchini & Mushrooms, Cold Drinks
R 20-21 Imperial MFG. Pewter Figurines
R 26 Abney Diamond Bright LED Light for Craft and Rock work, Professional Quality
R&S 27 Souptastic-N -More Dry Soup Mix
R & S 28 Spice WEst Spice Wast, Salad Dressing & Dip Mix, Ory Mix
R & S 30-31 Irish Hill Antiques Purple Bottles& Glassware, Oil Lamps, Burlap Potato Sacks, Bobbin& Quills, Oil Cans
R & S 32-33 Bradley Yard Art Cement Statuary
Booth Number Vendor Products
S 05-06 Creations by Shirley Fleece & Fabric by the Yard, Quilting Material, Notions
S 8-9 Debs Decals Banners, Flags “Stickers” Vynal Decals
S 10-11 Abdalla Imports Crystal, Glass,Scarves, Oil, Knives
S 17-19 JLT Concessions Panini Sandwiches, Cesar Salad, Turkey Burger, Corn Dog, French Fries, Garlic Fries, Popcorn, Fountain Drinks, Fresh Squeezed Lemonade
S 20-22 International Leather Leather Goods, Ponchos, Imports, Blankets
S 24 Doggie Dental Non-Anesthesia Teeth Cleaning for Cats and Dogs
T,U,V,W 01 Tribal Treasures Indian Jewelry and Black Hills Gold
T 02 Wayne Waddoups Wood Art
T 03-05 Mythix Cactus, Close-Outs, Hats, Tools
T 06 Rafael Figueroa Holster, Knives, Etched Glass
T&U 07 Almetco Light Fixtures, Hand Tools, Security Cameras
T & U 08 Carlson Creations Jewelry & Repairs
T 09 Sunny West
T 10 Amber America Baltic Amber Jewelry
T 11 Lurifax Denim Designs Denim Clothing & Quilts made from Recycled Jeans
T&U  14 Marvin Standsberry Mexican Garden Art
T 16 Duluth Bible Church Bible Surveys
Booth Number Vendor Products
T 17-19 Big Red Bus English Banger Sausage, Italian Sausage Sandwich, Polish Sausage (Onions, Peppers, & Kraut. Chili), Meatball Sandwich, Hot Pastrami Sandwich, Nachos, Chili Dogs, Hot Dogs & Corn Dogs, Biscuits & Gravy, Muffins, Hawaiian Shaved Ice, Fruit Smoothies
T&U 20-23 Bargain Smart Gloves, Hobby Tools, Scissors, Close-Out General Merchandise
T & U 24 Donald & Paula Atwood Handmade Just for You. Misc. Handmade Fabric, Crochet Items
T 25-26 Nine Bell-Hat & Cap Fashion Hats, Visors, Ivy & Newsboy, Cowboy Hats, Bandanas, Clothing
T 27-30 ABC Import ILC RV Mats, Folding Chairs, RV Supplies
T 31-33 Brandt, Art Rada Cutlery, Shirts, Jewelry, Purses
U 02-03 Blaasch Binoculars Binoculars
U 16-18 Castillo’s Wireless Cell Phone Accessories, Ponchos , Sunglasses
U 32-33 Promack Treasure Hunting Prospecting Equipment & Metal Detectors
V&W 01 Tribal Treasures Indian Jewelry, Black Hills Gold
V 02-03 Roots Nuts & Sweets Nuts, Dried Fruits, Candies, Other Food Items CA Grown
V 04-06 Gifts by Sara Purses, Apparel, Rhinestone Jackets
V&W 07 Flaming Rocks Oil Lamps, BBQ Tools, Related Items Crafted from Antlers, Himalayn Salt Products
V&W 08 Gable Enterprises Avon, Salsa Makers
V 09 Judy & Dot’s Crafts Jewelry, Knitted Scarves, Quillows
V & W 10 Luis Sanchez Outdoor Turtle Statuary
V & W 12 Get Puzzled Post Card Puzzles
V & W14- 15 Russell Blair Collectables, Nascar Cast, Elvis Books, Sports Cards
V 16-17 Canopy Renetto Canpoy Chairs, Loungers and Hammocks
V& W 18 Gone Fishin Smoked Salmon
Booth Number Vendor Products
V 19 Kettle Corn Kettle Corn
V 20 Brighten your life Copper Wind Spinners & Iron Wind Chimes
V 21 Vortex Wood High End Tables
V 22 Morinda BioActives Tahitian Noni Juice & Products
V 23-24 Sunset Beach Products Natural Soaps & Lotions
V 25-28 W & W Enterprises Italian Charms, Games, Gold by the Inch, Metal Signs, Watches, and Batteries
V & W 29-33 D&E Wholesale & Retail Gloves, Household Items, Hardware, Tools, Camping Supplies
W 04-05 Juels & Jems Jewelry, Gemstones, Gem Books,equipment & Accessories
W 20 Melinda Green Designs Designer Inspired Jewelry and Accessories for Less
W 21 Rainbow Journey Gems Unique Hand-crafted Silver Gemstone Jewelry
W 26-28 Dynamic Dist T Shirts, Hoods, Garden Flags, Pet Tags & Pet Items
X 01 Norms Keys Keys Sold and Duplicated
X 04-05 Dates By Dauvall Organic Dates & Oranges
X 06 Daniel Whittakers Jewelry, Gifts, Rocks, Wire Wrapping
X 07 Delectable Soaps & Scrubs Soaps, Scrubs, Bath Fizzys, Bath Salts, Whipped Butter
X 09 Old Soul Creations Shake ME Bottles, Diachroic Art Glass, Wall Art
X 10 The Goods Handmade Fired Art – Clay & Glass – Ornamental & Wearable
X 15 Lea’s Chinese Gifts Jade, Chinese Gift Items, Bicycle Repair
X 16 John Yellowhorse Navajo Pottery, Kachina Dolls, Artifacts
X 18-19 Blue Earth Traders Himalayan Salt Crystals, Minerals, Fossils
Booth Number Vendor Products
X 20 Don Matthews American Indian Jewelry, Sterling Silver Jewelry, Austrian Crystals
X 21 Valarie Cordova Wax Gel Products, Crafts, Household Items
X 22 Handbags & More Leather Goods, Hats, Backpacks & Accessories
X&Y 24 Hunckler Fabrications Custom RV Exterior Sunshades
X 29 Absolute Tie Dye Hand Dyed Clothing
X 30-31 DuraFlap Mud Flaps Mudflaps for Trucks, Vans. SUVs & RVs
X 32 Mike Mithchell Marketing Toys, Track Cars, Eyeglass Cleaner
X 33 PC Show Promotions Rhythm Touch Massager
Y 01-03 Kory Kehle Rugs, Astro Mats, Machine Washable Area Rugs, Jewelry
Y 04-05 Charles Beck Welding Aluminum, Fine Jewelry, Edge Maker, Sharpener
Y 11 Sheng Gift Trading Masquarade Masks
Y 12-13 Trailer World Tandem Tow Dolly
Y 14-16 Gary Faria Shopping Carts, Bags, R.V. Mats & Chairs, Gloves, Metal Signs, Motorcycle Apparel, Misc. Items
Y 17-19 Perfect Products Remote Controlled Aircraft- Ball Caps, Chairs
Y 20 Britta Chon Intell Massage
Y 21 Business In Berkies Dip Mixes, PVC Bow & Arrows
Y 32-33 Paulmariz Unique Handmade Jewelry, Area Rugs, Pearls, Magnetics, Gift Items, Crystals, Meteroites
Z 01-06 Sona Inc Beads, Rocks, Jewelry
Z 07 Area 51 Technologies Android 4.0 Tablets, PC & Accessories
Z 11-13 Painted Sky Ladies, Fur Products, Leather
Z 16-18 Furs For Fun Furs & Fur Products & Leather
Z 19 Quartzsite SBC Water, Blood Pressure, Information
Z 20 Old School Enterprises Leather, Popcorn Shirts, Jewelry, Western Shirts
Z 21-23 Mill Creek Outpost Antiques & Collectables
z 21-22 Mill Creek Out Post Antiques & Collectables
Z 26 Sheets for Your Bed Bedsheets $20.00 Goosedown Comforters, Handbags
Booth Number Vendor Products
Z 30-31 Rock Ants Cement Figures w/ Rock, Rock- Metal Figures, Terra Cotta Sun
Z 32-33 Sherburne, Chris Knife Sharpeners, Tools, Ammo Boxes,
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